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TIPS: Moving From a Condo to a House

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Thinking of moving from your smaller condo into a single-family home? Read on and find out what to expect.

Thinking about making the leap from condo living to single-family homeownership? Read on. We’ve helped many clients when moving from a condo to a house so we thought we’d share the main benefits of making this move (plus some downsides you should keep in mind).

The upside of moving from a condo to a house:

Privacy. This is the big one! No more having to make small talk with neighbors in the elevator. No more shared walls or hearing your neighbors’ music or arguing. You get the idea.

More Space. No more one-level living. In most cases, you will have separation between bedrooms and living spaces. Maybe you can finally stop sharing a bathroom with your guests and have your office double as your guest room.

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Authored By Allison Goodhart DuShuttle
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