Tips for Last Minute Tax Returns


Tips for Last Minute Tax Returns

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day and before you know it tax season has come and is almost gone! Filing your taxes hastily can lead to simple mistakes. Here are some tips on how to file a flawless last minute tax return.

Take your time

It isn’t April 16 yet, you have time. Don’t rush through your return; that is how mistakes are made.

Never skip questions

Answer all questions on your return. If you are unsure if it applies to you, read the directions. Not checking one yes/no box can lead into a massive delay on the processing.

Sign your return

Always remember to sign your return. A return is not considered timely filed unless it is signed. If it is a joint return, both spouses must sign, if your signing under power of attorney, make that clear and attach any additional paperwork.

Maintain good records

It is important that you make a copy of your signed return together with all of the forms. Keep copies together with your original documentation that doesn’t need to be sent to the IRS.

It happens, request an extension

If you aren’t going to make the deadline, it’s okay, request for an extension of time to file. It happens to 10 million taxpayers a year; you aren’t the only one.