Tips for Gay/Lesbian Home Buyers in Australia

Tips for Australian Gay and Lesbian Home Buyers and SellersBuying a new home for gay and lesbian people can have pitfalls other couples do not encounter. For most couples this will be the biggest single item they purchase in their life. So here are 3 simple but essential tips to help new gay and lesbian home-buyers get started and to avoid some of the issues.

1. Find a “gay friendly” real estate agent in the area you want to purchase. Generally if they advertise in gay press that is a big hint that they are not going to create problems. Remember you will be sharing a lot of your personal financial details with a stranger and it really helps if they are not judgmental and rude, this should be pleasurable.

2. You will need a gay friendly lawyer that handles real estate conveyancing. The new Queensland Civil Unions will help those in Queensland if you are in a gay partnership for less than 2 years and offer you both mutual protections.

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