Tips for Cleaning Your Home


Tips for Cleaning Your Home

Stains and odors

Once you find a stain blot it up immediately while putting a plastic liner or garbage baf between the cushion and the fabric so the contaminant does not spread to the cushion. The rinse with cold water as best you can, the cold water doesn’t set stains  as much as hot water. Repeat blotting and flushing. Alternatively, you could use a portable spot cleaner, wet/dry vacuum, or call a professional.

The Mood

Looking to change up the mood of your house. Swittch things out on a seasonal basis, for a special event or even whan you want to play with a certain pattern or color. Buying different textiles such as bedding, towels and table linens can certainly change the mood fast and easy.


Clean your bathroom and kitchen tiles with a cleaner that has a “neutral pH” on the label or mix baking soda and water for a homemade cleaner.

Area Rugs

Clean you area rugs every four to five hours. Ten hours if the area rug is in a area with little traffic. Over cleaning can be detrimental  by contributing to wear and tear. Fine silk rugs are recommended to be cleaned every twenty to thirty years! For stains, keep a bottle of club soda close by because stains with an aced base or dye are extremely difficult to remove. The key to getting the stain out is time. Once the satin is apparent immediately grab the club soda and blot again and again until the residue is gone.

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