Three Sure-Fire Ways to Guarantee a Bad Move!

Most people want to do everything possible to insure their move is smooth and uneventful. But, in our experience, some folks just seem to prefer chaos, discord and drama. These tips are for those particular readers! (Or they can be used as a “what not to do” for those who want moving to a new home to be problem free.

• On the day of the move just throw things into whatever boxes are lying around, and
stuff the rest in trash bags.
• Don’t bother with mail forwarding; the post office will find you eventually.
• Don’t cancel cable and internet; they’ll figure it out when the bill’s not paid
• Ditto for water, power & trash
• Arrange hookup of all utilities after you’ve settled in, it’s fun to rough it without
electricity, internet, TV and hot water.
• Kid’s school records? Whatever.

• You bribed friends into helping with Beer and pizza 20 years ago, maybe it still works.
• Pick up an illegal down by the hardware store…he might be a criminal or addict, but
it’s only for one day, right?
• Call Bubba from Craig’s list- he’ll bring a pickup or throw things into a U-haul.
He, too, maybe a criminal or addict…but, you know. (Just be sure to count the items
in your underwear drawer.)
• Do not check with BBB, online reviews, or friend’s referrals; what do they know?
• Do not check with the state to see if your mover is operating legally: Being licensed is
really only important if your stuff goes missing, or gets damaged, or if the mover gets
hurt on your property. Besides, even if they don’t have any training or equipment, they
probably can’t break or steal too much stuff.

• Your landlord won’t really charge a full month’s rent if you’re out a day late…will she?
• There are probably movers just sitting around waiting for your call, on the last day of
the month, when everyone wants to move. You can book them on a moment’s notice.
• You don’t really need to allow time to clean – losing the deposit isn’t that big a deal.
• Maybe those new people don’t really want to move in on the first of the month.
• The closing on the new place probably won’t get delayed.
• Count on everything to go like clockwork…Murphy’s law only applies to other people.

Toni Powell, president of Express Movers, Inc is an associate member and guest blogger. For more information visit