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Costa Rica Real Estate

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There are several factors that play into a prospective homebuyer’s decision to purchase property overseas, and that’s why Ronan McMahon has created a Global Real Estate Index. The index lists the 27 best real estate markets in the world based on things like value for money, appreciation potential and ease of buying, as well as lifestyle components like weather, tax favorability, cost of living and community. After all the numbers are tallied, the top five best places in the world to buy real estate, in order from top to bottom, are Ecuador’s North Coast, Tulum (Mexico), Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, Las Terrenas (Dominican Republic) and Iracema (Brazil). For more on this continue reading the following article from International Living.

In pockets all across the planet, you’ll find amazing opportunities to make money from real estate. I’m talking about beautiful places tucked into lush jungle-clad hills, on white sandy coves, in bustling cities, and in small colonial towns. These are markets on the upswing. The mainstream hasn’t heard of them yet. And in them today you’ll get excellent bang for your buck as well as great profit potential.

That’s why I’ve created this Global Real Estate Index. Here you’ll find listed the 27 places in the world today that boast the most attractive, and potentially lucrative, real estate opportunities.

In one place tucked into a lush green valley, you can find a penthouse suite with a 600-square-foot terrace overlooking a quaint colonial square for $42,000. In another, you can buy an ocean-view lot in a beachfront community on a jaw-dropping Pacific coast of steep forested hills and sandy coves for $31,000. In a third, the appreciation has been rapid. Eight months ago, you could have bought a condo for $108,408. Today it sells for $155,834.

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