The Most Progressive City in Florida May Surprise You

St Petersburg has become the model for GLBT inclusion in the state of Florida.  For many years the city has been able to boast that it has the largest Gay Pride celebration in the state. The City Council has been supportive of the large gay community here voting unanimously in favor of Domestic Partner Registry earlier this year.

Last month two new members of the LGBT community were elected to City Council bringing the number of Council Members who are openly part of our community to three.

This election also resulted in the former City Councilman who did much to support our Pride Celebration being elected to serve as our new mayor. As a result, St Petersburg has arguably the most progressive city government in all of Florida.

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One unexpected effect of the growth in the size and influence of the LGBT community here has been the decreasing importance of the gayborhoods. We have several that can claim that distinction.

But the level of inclusiveness here makes it difficult to say which neighborhoods are not good candidates to make that claim.

Greg Burton, Sail Away Realty,

[email protected]