The Lesbian Guide to Living in Spokane

Lesbian Guide to Spokane, WashingtonIt’s been nearly a year since my official return to Spokane, the place I grew up before leaving for college and travel, and I’ve found a few things to be true. First, there is an LGBT presence in the city, but you’re going to have to look for it.

Second, Spokane is trying to brand itself as a sports-prominent city, and it’s doing pretty well at that. Third, young and/or progressive people tend to clump together in a few hip neighborhoods, but if you don’t know them it looks like a conservative white man’s city. Spokane’s official motto is “Near Nature, Near Perfect.” While all of us would like for this to be true, it’s more like “Near Nature, But Still Up-and-Coming.”

As a whole, Spokane is thought of as the conservative and maybe a little “straighter” version of Seattle. This is probably true, but discrimination against LGBTs isn’t the norm here. It’s almost like most of Spokane either doesn’t realize that actual gay people exist, or they just don’t care.

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