The Difference Between a Survey and a Home Inspection

Realtor Hedy GoldmanDifferent areas of the country have different requirements for survey and home inspection requirements. No matter your geographic location, these are two distinctly separate processes in the home-buying and selling process.

Simply put, the home inspection process examines the condition of a home compared to a survey that identifies the property lines of a home.

An inspection is a general review of the property from the stand point of issuing a policy of Title Insurance. Title Insurers will send an inspector to check for a number of things, such as: recent construction, address and property type verification, parties in possession, and similar characteristics of the property. Home inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection and test all of the homes mechanical and structural parts including, roof, structure, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical etc. This will reveal any hidden issues beneath the surface that you cannot see. In addition, they will check for any apparent encroachments of improvements and easements.

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