The Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica

We just learned about the top places in Costa Rica that make the most sense for expats to live, to rent, buy real estate, become part of a community and have access to all the amenities that make life comfortable and enjoyable (at International Living’s Live and Invest in Costa Rica Seminar 2011, taking place in San Jose).

This has been such an eventful day with so much information shared…that despite an incredible desire to go out in the Costa Rican sunshine…no one could tear themselves away from this conference.

Here’s something you may be interested in–an area along the country’s Caribbean coast that’s just been designated for an $11 billion investment. Looking for opportunity? You’ll find it here, says international real estate expert Margaret Summerfield. In this new destination–that Margaret told us all about–Disney is now running wildlife tours…and new boutique hotels and eco-lodges are being built.

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