Terry’s Blog: Up and Coming Gayborhoods in America

Up and Coming Gayborhoods in America


You know the usual suspects: the Castro, the East Village, and maybe Provincetown. All of these neighborhoods helped establish the viability of the gay and lesbian community in the United States. But it’s 2013. The “gayborhood” is changing and other less-obvious cities are starting to show promise.

Midtown Atlanta:
The capitol city of Georgia, also named the “gayest city in America,” Atlanta is home to one of the South’s most vibrant and energetic gay communities. Proud of its Southern charm and heritage, Atlanta is also proud of its gay population. Any given weekend, you can find a parade or festival promoting gay advocacy on the corner of Piedmont St. and 10th St. Then, there are the restaurants. Atlanta is redefining food culture with a host of southern fusion restaurants. Mix that with affordable housing, great weather, and a thriving film and television industry, and you’ve got yourself a perfect gayborhood.

Oak Lawn, Dallas:
Surprisingly, the community of Oak Lawn in Dallas, TX., is home to America’s largest gay population. Who knew?


This vibrant and thriving Southwestern town is home to plenty of gay-owned shops and businesses. Easily walkable, the area between Cedar Springs Road and Trockmorton Street, reveals the softer side of Dallas. The houses are reasonably priced, and the charm is palpable.

Capitol Hill, Seattle:
Beautiful scenery, and gorgeous architecture is part of what makes Capitol Hill truly special. Seattle, or the Emerald City, is home to a stylish and fashionable gay and lesbian scene. Along the Pike-Pine corridor lies a wealth of greenery and gay owned shops and businesses. Relax at the lesbian owned spa (Hothouse), and eat dinner at one of the gay owned fabulous restaurants along the way. Fun and fashionable, this place has something for everyone.

Rehoboth Beach, Del.:
This relatively small beach side town in Delaware usually does not make any top places to live in America lists, but for the gay and lesbian baby boomers who are looking to retire by the water, this community is getting their attention.


With a strong sense of community, and a relaxed style of living, Rehoboth Beach is a perfect place to retire with your partner. Many of the gay retirees chose this area for its good mix of both gay and straight residents.
West Hollywood, Los Angeles:
It may be a cliché at this point, but no gayborhoods list is complete without mentioning the glitter and glamor of America’s oldest gay and lesbian community: West Hollywood.  Still a thriving trend setter, this Los Angeles hood has some of the most health conscious cafes and diners in the country, and the shopping is exclusive and glamorous.
Gay and lesbian neighborhoods are becoming THE cultural hubs of many metropolitan areas. At once desirable and avante-garde, these communities can define a city’s persona. The trick is catching them before the housing prices go through the roof. Good luck!


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