Kinkiest Cities for Gay Men

Ten Kinkiest Cities for Gay Men

Kinkiest Cities for Gay Men

Hold onto your jockstraps gents, for the top ten kinkiest cities for gay men in the US have been revealed.

In a bid to discover the most popular cities for men pursuing alternative sexual lifestyles in the States, fetish app KinkD mapped where its users were most likely to log on across the country – and the results make for some interesting reading.

Although the east and west coast kingpins New York and California are often at loggerheads when it comes to their progressive status, it appears that the east is the beast when it comes to the kinkiest beings.

Yes, New York City have topped the list of the kinkiest residents in the US. Of course, as the city home to the likes of sex clubs Submit and The Wink, this might come as little surprise to aficionados.

Authored By Jamie Andersson
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