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Vancouver Has a Ton of Empty Homes

“Home buyers and prospective renters have fretted for years that investors were snapping up homes and leaving them empty, cutting supply and boosting prices in the process,” as the Financial Post put it. The report analyzed residential electricity consumption via a decade’s worth of anonymized data provided by BC Hydro, the electric utility. A home… Read more »

MI: Many Homes Vacant, But Turnaround Coming?

While Michigan’s population was going down, houses kept going up. That left the state with hundreds of thousands of empty houses and apartments, an excess builders and real estate experts say is only now beginning to be filled. Analysis of the 2010 Census shows the number of housing units in Michigan grew by nearly 300,000… Read more »

Northern New Jersey Seeing Rising Home Vacancies

A growing number of houses and apartments sit empty in North Jersey, a result of the four-year-old housing bust. From affluent to middle-class to poor neighborhoods, the percentage of vacant homes was higher in 2010 than in 2000, according an analysis of U.S. census data by The Record. The vacant homes include a Saddle River… Read more »