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Home Value Increase P.1

When preparing to sell their home, a common question pops up. Homeowners want to know what they can do to get the maximum selling price on their home. Of course, the answer to “What can I do to increase my home’s value or get a better selling price?” is difficult to answer because each home… Read more »

Create Wealth: Move Up Now

Many experts are currently discussing a variety of topics such as real estate as an investment, the movement on mortgage interest rates and reasons to buy now instead of waiting. It is important that we realize that this does not apply solely to the first time home buyer. The opportunity that exists in real estate today… Read more »

Time to Buy Now, Sell Now, or Move Up

Back in October, I wrote an entry for this column about the “harmonic convergence” in the real estate market that made it a great time to either buy or sell. The good time to buy was caused by some of the lowest mortgage interest rates in years, which significantly extended buying power for purchasers. (At… Read more »