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Are Seattle Renters Being Priced Out of the Market?

In the next few years Amazon said they will hire an additional 12,000 employees and they all have to live somewhere. But at what cost? The rapid redevelopment could become an epidemic for all of King County. The average one bedroom in South Lake Union costs $2,200. That’s more expensive than many of the trendy… Read more »

Seattle’s South Lake Union Rents Surpass Parts of San Francisco

Rental rates are creeping up in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, surpassing prices in even some of the hottest neighborhoods in San Francisco. According to an analysis by online real estate company Trulia, the median rental price per bedroom in South Lake Union comes in at a whopping $2,248. That makes it the most expensive… Read more »

Manhattan Rents Surge Again

It may or may not be a leading sign of economic recovery, but rents in Manhattan are surging back to their all-time high. Manhattan apartment rents continued to soar through the roof in January and are now getting close to hitting historic highs. The average price of a rental apartment was a whopping $3,352, up… Read more »