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Moving to Paris

Who hasn’t imagined enjoying a cafe au lait at a bustling sidewalk cafe, followed by a stroll along the Left Bank to a chic apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower — where you write a best-selling novel or paint a legendary portrait? The notion of moving to Paris is a romantic fantasy for many people, but… Read more »

Looking for an Apartment in Paris

Why is something as simple as finding a place to sleep at night so difficult in a modern Paris? Why are the apartment prices so high? Why are the districts so segregated? And why did the Socialist government allow capitalism to have gotten so out of hand? I’ve spent most of my adult life in… Read more »

New Income Tax on the Rich Moves Paris Real Estate

France’s new 75 percent income tax on the rich may not be popular with millionaires. But it’s being cheered by another group: Paris real-estate buyers. Real estate agents say that the number of multi-million-dollar real-estate listings in Paris has jumped more than 25 percent over last year – due in part to the threat of… Read more »