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USA: Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, North Dakota and California Post Largest November Home Price Gains

U.S. home prices in November were up 7.4 percent from November 2011, the largest year-over-year increase in 6 1/2 years, the Associated Press reported. In terms of monthly gains, housing prices were up 0.3 percent from October to November, according to CoreLogic which told the AP that the gains have been “widespread” in the U.S…. Read more »

North Dakota: Real Estate Boomtown to Rise in State

North Dakota, an epicenter of the nation’s oil rush, is grappling with a scramble reminiscent of the most-heated periods of the housing boom. Now, private-equity firm KKR is trying to capitalize by making a multimillion-dollar bet on a housing project in a town at the heart of it all. KKR is expected to announce Wednesday… Read more »

North and South Dakota Real Estate Markets Hot

Even though I have a home in Charlotte, NC I am working for a builder-dealer who is based in Aberdeen, SD. This dealer offers high quality manufactured and modular homes that are absolutely beautiful. When placed on a basement, crawlspace or stone skirting you cannot tell these homes apart from a stick-built ranch. Once inside,… Read more »

ND: Bismarck is Booming

Bismarck is booming. In this North Dakota city, an economic portrait has emerged that is unlike any other in America. When landing in the state, the signs of growth can be seen everywhere. Lines at the airport are longer than ever — a record number of passengers entered the state last year, and a new… Read more »

North/South Dakota Farm Land Values Increasing

The value of farm real estate in the Dakotas has increased over the past year. The Agriculture Department says North Dakota’s average value is $980 per acre, up more than 15 percent, and South Dakota’s is $1,100 per acre, up more than 13 percent. Farm real estate includes land and buildings. In North Dakota, the… Read more »

Housing Market Improving in Alaska, Iowa, North and South Dakota

The housing market is hurting nationally, but it appears to be marching toward recovery in a handful of mostly rural states, economic forecasters say. The states — including North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Alaska — have economies more dependent on the energy, industrial or agricultural sectors, stronger parts of the U.S. economy. Their home… Read more »