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Melissa C Lundgren, Gay Friendly Nashville Real Estate Agent

Periodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals. My goal is to give you a stellar- best ever-personal-home buying or listing experience- To determine, prepare, and help you accomplish your goals and dreams of Home ownership here… Read more »

Where Are Seattle’s Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods?

You’re not too late to take advantage of several up-and-coming neighborhoods. By buying now, you can be part of the renaissance of those neighborhoods in the coming years. Seattle offers a number of investment opportunities in locations that have been overlooked. Even in the perennially popular neighborhoods like Queen Anne and Capitol Hill, you can… Read more »

Washington DC’s Priciest Neighborhoods

Want to know where Washington, DC’s toniest neighborhoods are? Want to rub elbows with the Capital’s rich and powerful? The Washington Blade has the skinny: “Location, location, location.” That’s the advice Realtors give clients looking to buy a home. It’s almost always better to spend the same money on the least expensive home on the… Read more »

Gay Friendly Toronto

Author: Tim Hewetson Source: With same sex orientation and unions being more widely recognized and accepted, LGBT buyers have burst into the real estate market. Finding a Realtor© who understands your lifestyle and needs is important. A LGBT Realtor© can be more in-tune with your needs, style, and budgetary requirements. Toronto has many ‘gay… Read more »

Gay Guide to San Diego

I was born and raised in San Diego. I’ve played tour guide to plenty of visitors and the more I learn about San Diego, the more I love it. The majority of the city is gay friendly, but like any city, the best part is the gayborhood. About three miles north of downtown sits San… Read more »

Gay Guide to Baltimore

Baltimore has always been an important city for me. My stepdad grew up here, and my family took regular trips here years before I started college at the Peabody Conservatory, a Johns-Hopkins-affiliated music conservatory in the city. In my sophomore year, my mom took a job teaching at a private school here and my parents… Read more »

Discovering Gay and Lesbian Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is known as The Steel City – but it also has an emerging arts scene and DIY culture. It is an incredibly affordable place to live and has been hailed as the “new Portland” although some are angling for it to be the next Hollywood. It’s one of those in-between cities that is so… Read more »

LGBT Presence Can Improve a Neighborhood

There was a time when the gay community was not welcomed into neighborhoods. The common mindset of the masses was that we would be a negative addition and that we would even bring property values down. However, over the last several decades, this mindset has slowly changed. Not only is our community welcomed in most… Read more »

Toronto’s Top Ten Neighborhoods

Home sales continue to rise in Canada, according to the latest monthly report by The Canadian Real Estate Association. Existing real estate purchases rose 2.7 per cent in September compared with August and up 11 per cent year to year. While sales slowed in other parts of the country – Canada’s largest metropolitan area experienced… Read more »

New Study: Gay Neighbors Raise Prices in Liberal Neighborhoods, Depress Prices in Conservative Ones

When gay people move into a neighborhood, do property values go down? Newly published research suggests the answer is yes — but only for neighborhoods with negative attitudes toward gay people. A look at sociopolitical attitudes and home prices in a major Ohio city finds “an increase in the number of same-sex-couple households is associated… Read more »