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Watch the Spread of Million-Dollar Homes Consume San Francisco

Nearly two-thirds of the homes in the city of San Francisco today are worth more than a million dollars, according to the real estate site Trulia that tracks home values. That dizzying number speaks to the city’s affordable housing crisis — a crisis that has officials fretting about housing even for families making $140,000 a… Read more »

Portland’s Gay Friendly Pearl District’s Twenty Years of Growth

One of our favorite places in the world, The Pearl District in Portland, Oregon, has been growing for twenty years. Oregon Live has a cool interactive graphic showing its growth. In 1994, the Portland City Council adopted affordable housing targets for about 250 acres north of downtown dubbed the “River District.” City leaders said they… Read more »

Where Are the New Condos in San Francisco? as put together a great interactive map of the current sand pending condo projects across The City: For those you who are more visually inclined, here is our map of new construction condo homes across San Francisco. For your convenience, we have organized the condo buildings into three chronological groups – buildings that have… Read more »