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The Housing Crisis: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

West Hollywood is one of the best-known small cities in America. It’s known for a diverse array of reasons — its rock n’ roll history on the Sunset Strip, its Russian population, and, of course, as a gay mecca. Since the city’s incorporation in 1984, West Hollywood (or “WeHo” as it is affectionately called) has… Read more »

Is San Francisco a Tech Haven or Gay Bastion?

It’s no secret that that the tech market has exploded in San Francisco in the last few years. According to a report by Dr. Michael Mandel, an estimated 68,000 people in the city of San Francisco work in the technology industry; one report by the Bay Area Council Economic Instituteputs the number of professional science… Read more »

Dive in with Drake! Long Beach: A Mecca of diversity

A Mecca among the gay mega-metropolis makes up the greater Los Angeles area, for years Long Beach has become home to many gays and lesbians who wish to nest near the water. It’s been recognized by USA Today as the most diverse city in the United States – one of the City’s strongest assets. With… Read more »