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Vancouver Has a Ton of Empty Homes

“Home buyers and prospective renters have fretted for years that investors were snapping up homes and leaving them empty, cutting supply and boosting prices in the process,” as the Financial Post put it. The report analyzed residential electricity consumption via a decade’s worth of anonymized data provided by BC Hydro, the electric utility. A home… Read more »

Condos Are Now Safe Deposit Boxes for the Rich

Out here on the west coast, we’ve watched in horror as condo prices in every big city have suddenly shot through the roof. In Portland, for instance, housing that was $300 a square foot just 2-3 years ago in The Pearl District is now pushing $700. Who can afford these prices? Who is buying these… Read more »

NV: Investors Suing Las Vegas Homeowner Associations

Two Las Vegas real estate investors filed a lawsuit recently against more than 500 neighborhood associations, claiming the groups charge illegal collection fees to people who own foreclosed homes. The massive lawsuit is the latest, and the most spectacular, development in an expensive battle over foreclosed houses in Las Vegas that already has resulted in… Read more »

US: Investors Bought a Million Homes in 2010, NAR Says

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), “nearly 1 million homes were bought as investment properties in 2010″[1]. While real estate investors and real estate agents have not always been the best of friends, this development has encouraged many realtors to extend their services to investors more willingly in hopes of also extending their… Read more »

FL: Investors Buying Up Fort Lauderdale Condos

Investment groups completed two more Broward County bulk condo deals in the past week. Last Friday, Miami-based Sonata Grand LLC, headed by Pierre Heafey, spent $9.7 million, or $173 a square foot, for 22 units at Sonata Beach Club in Pompano Beach, according to, a real estate consulting firm. This week, Village East Investment… Read more »