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Homeownership in the US Versus Canada

In the mid-1990s I wrote an opinion column arguing against the tax deduction for mortgage interest. One of the arguments I made was that the percentage of homeowners was only one or two points higher in the United States than in Canada, which doesn’t have the deduction. The best information I have now is that… Read more »

Does Homeownership Kill Jobs?

A new study thinks so. WonkBlog reports: Back in the 1990s, British economist Andrew Oswald first showed that higher levels of homeownership were correlated with higher levels of unemployment across European countries and within the United States. Other possible variables — such as unionization rates — didn’t explain the variation in joblessness nearly as well…. Read more »

Has Homeownership Lost Its Luster?

Meredith Carr and Vince Melamed of Brentwood are just the sort of couple real estate agents have always counted on to buy a home. Melamed is a successful keyboardist and songwriter who wrote hits including Trisha Yearwood’s “Walkaway Joe,” and Carr is a freelance editor. They owned a home in Nashville, but when they moved… Read more »