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Top 5 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

Though the real estate industry is changing every day, mistakes made by first time homebuyers seem not to change that much. The mistakes range from mismanaging their financial picture, to finding the perfect home before being qualified, to choosing the wrong lender. Below are the top five mistakes first time buyers make: Wrong moves in… Read more »

Summer Homebuyers

Memorial Day Weekend marked the unofficial beginning of summer. After a very busy spring market, we at The Goodhart Group are refocusing our attention on the infamous “Summer Buyer.” The Summer Buyer is a phenomenon that changes each year and that many real estate agents have never fully grasped. Often both real estate professionals and… Read more »

What Home Buyers Want

Whatever you think of Mel Gibson, you have to admit that the sight of him in a bra and pantyhose while sporting lipstick and mascara in the movie “What Women Want” is enough to make Noxeema’s face cream, Chi Chi’s chi-chis heave and Ms. Vida Boehme roll over in her grave. The movie, of course,… Read more »

Canada: Saskatchewan Has Plan to Help Home Buyers

The Saskatchewan government has outlined an eight-year housing strategy to help potential buyers being pushed out of the market by skyrocketing prices. The report outlines five steps that include increasing the housing and rental supply and improving affordability. The average resale price of a home in Saskatchewan has risen more than 83 per cent since… Read more »