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The Death of the Gayborhood

Castro District - pixabay

Is the LGBTQI-centric neighborhood still needed in this day and age? Over the past few decades, city neighborhoods have changed. Developers have moved in, building condos and mixed-used developments that have displaced many residents and mom-and-pop businesses. When talking about this phenomenon, we normally refer back to the racial makeup of a city, but one… Read more »

Is San Francisco’s Gayborhood Once Again Migrating?

San Francisco Gayborhoods

When bars like the Gangway close, it’s easy to dive into conversations about nostalgia. As San Francisco’s oldest continuously operating gay bar, the Gangway opened in 1910 and served primarily gay customers since the 1960s. Its shuttering earlier this year rippled through the LGBT community. Known as a humble yet familiar locale, it served as… Read more »

Seattle’s Gayborhood – Shifting or Disappearing?

Seattle Gayborhood

Capitol Hill, widely known since the 1970s as Seattle’s gay neighborhood, is changing. As development and gentrification sweep in, many longtime residents have moved out. But is the gayborhood dying, or just changing? To newcomers, it may be difficult to imagine that it was ever any different. But Capitol Hill didn’t always have the city’s… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 5. New Orleans

New Orleans - pixabay

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: We’ve long had a soft spot for New Orleans, just as NOLA… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 6. Atlanta


Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: The star of the South is really becoming one of the country’s… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 7. Cincinnati


Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: It wouldn’t be a big surprise if college town Columbus scored well… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 8. Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh - Pixabay

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: No, Pittsburgh is not like it’s depicted in Showtime’s 2000s series Queer… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 9. St. Paul, Minn.

St. Paul - Pixabay

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: Minneapolis and St. Paul are some hip twins, huh? The former is… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 11. St. Louis

St. Louis - Pixabay

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: Many people discount St. Louis, well, since it’s kinda in the middle… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 14. Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, Nevada

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: You might be surprised to discover Henderson is Nevada’s second-largest city, after… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – #16 Miami

Miami Beach - Pixabay

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: Over the years, Miami has had its ebbs and flows (remember the… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 17. San Francisco

San Francisco

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: Exorbitant housing prices and a sinking high-rise couldn’t knock San Francisco from… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 21. Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: This job-rich (and church-rich) north Texas city is no San Francisco, but… Read more »

Gayborhoods Offer Higher Home Values

Castro District - pixabay

People may view Fort Lauderdale as a tourist-friendly coastal city, but the real estate experts at Zillow have found another characteristic worth noting: the Poinsettia Heights neighborhood is a “gayborhood,” and it’s good for real estate values. It’s called the Gayborhood Phenomenon in the book “Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate.” Zillow determined… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Queen Street West

gayborhood toronto

An indie-spirited, artistically inclined alternative to the city’s uber-queer Church Street Village, Queen Street West (aka simply Queen West) is one of several cool neighborhoods west of downtown. It consists of a long stretch of Queen Street extending west from about University Avenue and the Osgoode metro station for many blocks out beyond Trinity Bellwoods… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Atlanta’s Westside

Westside in Atlanta, Georgia

Situated conveniently across I-85/75 west of Midtown, the city’s main gay hub, the Westside (also known as West Midtown) was mostly a swath of warehouses and industrial concerns — some of them vacant — until developers, restaurateurs, and artists began moving in over the past 10 to 15 years. This large neighborhood sprawls a bit… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Austin’s East Side

As with Portland, you could make the case that fast-growing Austin is one big cluster of post-gay culture, with several neighborhoods that fit the bill as mixed LGBTQ-straight enclaves of the creative class, including South Congress, Clarksville, Zilker, Hyde Park, and the area surrounded University of Texas. But Austin’s East Side — starting just across… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Montreal’s Mile End

Traditionally the city’s close-knit Jewish neighborhood, Mile End is in Montreal’s upper Plateau area, just north of lovely Parc du Mont-Royal. A couple of miles west of downtown and the bright-pink Gay Village, the neighborhood is a short walk from the Mont-Royal and Laurier metro stations and has become a bastion of dining, nightlife, and… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Denver’s Lo-Hi

Across the South Platte River and I-25 from downtown Denver, the Lower Highlands neighborhood (aka Lo-Hi) sits on a slight rise with great views of the skyline and historic streets lined with Craftsman bungalows and Victorian homes. Like so many districts that have become popular with artists, gays, entrepreneurs and hipsters, Lower Highlands was a… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Logan Circle, Washington DC

For a couple of decades, Washington’s gay community has been steadily expanding east of the city’s traditional hub of LGBTQ culture, Dupont Circle. The historic Logan Circle neighborhood abounds with beautiful 19th-century townhouses — many of which have been gorgeously restored in recent years. Logan Circle has morphed from a dodgy and downcast district to… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh

A long, narrow neighborhood that curves alongside the Allegheny River north and east of downtown, Lawrenceville is a prime example of how numerous working-class neighborhoods in Rust Belt cities throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states have begun to blossom in recent years. Butler Street, lined with up-and-coming cafes, shops, bars, and restaurants bisects Lawrenceville. Lawrenceville… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Portland’s Alberta Arts District

The leafy, laid-back, and food-and-drink-obsessed city of Portland has one of the more integrated LGBTQ scenes in the country. Numerous neighborhoods around town have decidedly mixed scenes with significantly queer followings, including several across the Willamette River on the East Side. Hawthorne, the Central Eastside Industrial District, Division Street, Burnside & 28th, and the Mississippi… Read more »

Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York – The Gayborhood

Few neighborhoods in the country are more hipster-identified than Williamsburg, which sits handily across the East River from Manhattan’s East Village and Lower East Side (two diverse, gay-popular, but more expensive neighborhoods in their own right). Much of the best café culture and shopping is centered upon the several blocks surrounding the Bedford Avenue (L… Read more »

Chicago: The Wicker Park Gayborhood

You could definitely make a case that Andersonville, which actually has several lesbian- and gay-owned bars and other businesses, is actually Chicago’s most mixed post-gay neighborhood, and it is an area definitely worth checking out. But Wicker Park has evolved over the past two decades into one of the country’s most eclectic and inviting hipster… Read more »

Silver Lake: LA’s Original Gayborhood

LA’s original gay neighborhood became more mixed in the late 20th century as the scene migrated to West Hollywood. Still, this hilly, picturesque enclave east of Hollywood, south of beautiful Griffith Park, and northwest of downtown has always had at least a handful of gay bars. But the scene has changed, and the neighborhood has… Read more »

Post-Gayborhood: Mission District, San Francisco

Over the past decade, the gayborhood has morphed into what’s often termed a “post-gay” neighborhood. At many LGBT-owned businesses, you’re apt to bump into plenty of straight folks as well — and vice versa. And it’s a good bet that the formerly explicitly gay neighborhoods will continue to become steadily more diverse — including the… Read more »

Did Detroit Gayborhood Ever Exist?

I’m interested in the history of whether or not there was a Detroit gayborhood. The Short Answer After World War II, downtown Detroit was a hub for gay bars. Then, starting in the 1950s, the gay population began following the migration pattern of many Metro Detroiters, heading northward. By the 1970s, there was a community… Read more »

DC’s Gayborhood is No More

In 1968, Deacon Maccubbin quit the U.S. Army. He’d been stationed in Virginia with the National Guard while the movement against the Vietnam War reached a fever pitch. The Norfolk native started to feel guilty donning his uniform, knowing young men were dying in droves for an absurd cause. So Maccubbin burned his military papers…. Read more »

Death of the Gayborhood: Queer Aging in the Time of Gentrification

Seattle is experiencing a new era of gentrification, one that doesn’t just bulldoze low income apartment buildings but is also wiping out traditional gayborhoods, severing the links between queer generations. Two artists respond with resilience. Seattle is “broverwhelmed.” Between the tech industry and the real estate developers catering to upscale tastes of the increasingly privileged… Read more »

SF Planners Recommend Approval of Housing Slated for Castro funeral home

As expected, San Francisco planners are recommending approval of a mixed-use redevelopment project that would incorporate a Castro funeral home building. At its February 11 meeting, the planning commission is expected to vote on the Prado Group’s revamp of Sullivan’s Funeral Home at 2254 Market Street and its adjacent parking lot. The developer has proposed… Read more »

The Gayborhood: Venice Gay Bar ‘Roosterfish’ to Close

Los Angeles is losing one of its oldest and most dearly beloved gay bars: Roosterfish in Venice is set to close after 37 years after a rent hike has made its lease unaffordable. Wrote bartender Gaetano Jones on Facebook: “So yes the rumors are true… After 37 years of business, The Roosterfish is closing for… Read more »

A New Gayborhood in Dallas?

A neighborhood in south Dallas bound by Fair Park, I-45 and I-30 is among the many neighborhoods in the historically blighted area beginning to garner real estate developers’ attention. Thanks to a push by civic and business leaders to provide affordable housing and more infrastructure investments such as transportation, the storefronts by Fair Park are… Read more »

Is San Francisco a Tech Haven or Gay Bastion?

It’s no secret that that the tech market has exploded in San Francisco in the last few years. According to a report by Dr. Michael Mandel, an estimated 68,000 people in the city of San Francisco work in the technology industry; one report by the Bay Area Council Economic Instituteputs the number of professional science… Read more »

In the Gayborhood: Wilton Manor’s Georgie’s Alibi to Close

After an extensive period of speculation and rumor-milling, we’re hearing that famed St. Pete watering hole Georgie’s Alibi will be no more as of Sept. 19. Our reporter, Aaron Alper, just returned from a phone call with the real estate developer, and it seems that the news is grim. The area’s most notable gay bar… Read more »

New Ice Cream Shop for the Castro Gayborhood

San Francisco’s Castro Merchants business group voted this morning (Thursday, August 6) to approve a proposed ice cream shop in the neighborhood. Juliet Pries, a 15-year-Castro resident, said she hopes to open the Cafe Fountain at 554 Castro Street by early 2016. Pries, who’s straight and currently owns Ice Cream Bar, at 815 Cole Street… Read more »

How Living in a Gayborhood Affects Your Home’s Price

Gay neighborhoods are not just more expensive than most other neighborhoods in their metropolitan area, they also appreciate more quickly. In the last three years, home prices in neighborhoods with high numbers of male same-sex couples have increased by an average of 23%, according to a new study by online real estate service Trulia; prices… Read more »

New York’s Oldest Gayborhood Bar to Close

Candle Bar, the neighborhood’s oldest gay bar — and some argue the oldest in the city — is closing at the end of the month. The Amsterdam Avenue bar opened in the mid-1960s, and some people argue it has had its license and been openly gay longer than Julius, a West Village gay bar that… Read more »

In the Gayborhood: San Diego’s Balboa Park

Yes, 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of San Diego’s renowned Balboa Park and there are continuing events celebrating this historic landmark as there should be. Balboa Park has played a great part in the history of San Diego’s LGBT community. From social, political, HIV-AIDS demonstrations and Pride, etc. In fact, this year marks the 40th… Read more »

Gay Real Estate News Round-Up – May 30th

We’re going to start bringing you interesting real estate articles, LGBT and otherwise, in a regular travel round-up. Enjoy! GENERAL INTEREST USA:25 Cities for Good Pay and Good Housing (Washington Post)Don’t move to New York if you’re looking for work. The city isn’t on a new list of good places to find jobs compiled by… Read more »

Tallywackers Opens in Dallas Gayborhood

Straight guys (and at least some lesbians) love their breastaurants. Now Oak Lawn has something for the gay gays (and straight women) — a “chestaurant.” Tallywackers — a bar, restaurant and live entertainment venue featuring a wait staff consisting of hot men in tight t-shirts and short-shorts — holds its grand opening Saturday, May 30…. Read more »

New Sculpture to Be Installed in Dallas Gayborhood

“Our management philosophy for ilume and ilume Park includes community involvement and promoting social interaction among people. We have always believed that art is an integral and essential part of that social interaction,” developer Luke Crosland said this week, explaining why The Crosland Group will soon be unveiling a new sculpture installation in front of… Read more »

Sacramento Gayborhood to Get Rainbow Crosswalk

Sacramento’s Lavender Heights neighborhood is about to get a colorful signature project. The City Council approved the construction Tuesday night of rainbow-colored crosswalks at the intersection of 20th and K streets in midtown. The rainbow design is a symbol of pride and history in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and Lavender Heights is… Read more »

Dallas Gayborhood Getting Male Version of Hooters

It looks like Dallas’ gay neighborhood Oak Lawn will soon get a new restaurant called Tallywackers, which has been billed as the male version of Hooters where half-naked men will take patrons’ pizza orders. Tallywackers is looking to launch the eatery in May, the Houston Chronicle reports. Taking a look at the restaurant’s promotional material,… Read more »

New Zoning Rules for Castro Gayborhood

Legislation meant to bring stronger public scrutiny of office-type uses taking over ground floor retail spaces in San Francisco’s gay Castro district and along Noe Valley’s commercial corridor sailed through the city’s planning commission today. The commission voted 5-0 to recommend that the Board of Supervisors adopt the zoning change. The supervisors are expected to… Read more »

Philadelphia’s Gayborhood to Get Rainbow Crosswalks

Expect to see a burst of color if you’re walking through the Gayborhood this summer. Philly Pride Presents in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia will paint permanent rainbow-colored crosswalks at 12th and Locust and 13th and Locust streets following Philadelphia’s Pride Parade. The eight crosswalks will be dedicated at the Annual Reminders Block Party… Read more »

Castro Groups Oppose New Umpqua Bank in the Gayborhood

Most financial institutions looking to open in San Francisco’s gay Castro district can usually bank on facing opposition. Many residents and merchants say the neighborhood is already saturated with enough banks that create dead zones throughout the commercial corridor. Umpqua Bank officials are finding this maxim to be true as they seek approval to open… Read more »

Manchester Gayborhood Vibrant, But Bars Must Up Their Game

Is the Gay Village losing out? Is there too much competition? Or is Canal Street’s certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ simply spreading across the city? Vibrancy was a running theme during discussions with Manchester’s LGBT community with regards to Canal Street. For Misty Chance, a Manchester-based drag artist, it has provided an opportunity to branch… Read more »

Rainbow Crosswalks for Philadelphia Gayborhood?

A popular Philadelphia neighborhood could soon become a lot more colorful with plans to add rainbow crosswalks at two intersections, according to Philadelphia Gay News. Philly Pride Presents and the City of Philadelphia plan to paint eight rainbow crosswalks at 12th and Locust and 13th and Locusts sts. in the city’s Gayborhood this summer. “We… Read more »

Fire Destroys Fire Island Gayborhood Hotel, Homes

A massive fire swept through Cherry Grove’s commercial district on Fire Island last night, destroying several private homes, the Holly House Hotel, and the Grove Hotel, the last of which was home to the famed Ice Palace nightclub. For decades the Ice Palace hosted the Miss Fire Island pageant and served as the kickoff location… Read more »

Where Are Mortgage Rates Headed?

The interest rate you pay on your home mortgage has a direct impact on your monthly payment. The higher the rate the greater the payment will be. That is why it is important to look at where rates are headed when deciding to buy now or wait until next year. Below is a chart created… Read more »

My Gayborhood is Better Than Your Neighborhood

Do gays mean higher property values? Could be, according to a study by Seattle-based Zillow, the online real estate database. “Our analysis shows that over the last 40 years home prices in historically gay neighborhoods have steadily outperformed average prices for the metros in which they’re located,” according to the study that looked at Albuquerque,… Read more »

The Strip: Dallas’s Gayborhood

When Out Traveler named Oak Lawn the “best gayborhood in the U.S.,” it said “Oak Lawn is a shining star in a city soaked with money and privilege.” The magazine also noted that Oak Lawn is “packed with nightlife and eateries,” and praised its proximity to downtown and the Design District. But just what is… Read more »

New Owner Plans to Update Castro Gayborhood Apartment Building

The man buying the four-unit apartment building owned by Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco for about $1.8 million said today (Wednesday, February 11) that all the tenants will get to stay. Realtor Patrick Barber said tenants of 138-140 Eureka Street will “absolutely” be allowed to remain. The announcement in December that the building would… Read more »

Castro Gayborhood Church to Make Way for Condos

The Castro district building that’s housed San Francisco’s Metropolitan Community Church for decades will be replaced by two luxury residential buildings, according to one of the people who just paid about $2.3 million for the crumbling church at 150 Eureka Street. There will be a total of four condo units. David Papale is the agent… Read more »

MCC Selling Castro Gayborhood Church Property

Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco plans to sell its building at 150 Eureka Street and a neighboring four-unit apartment building at 138-140 Eureka Street. Officials with the church, which has been based in the Castro neighborhood for decades, are talking to staff at First Congregational Church on Polk Street about sharing space. MCC staff… Read more »

Fire Island Pines Resort For Sale

Five years ago three young hotshots bought the bulk of the commercial district in Fire Island Pines for a reported $17M. Later this month that same group of businesses goes up for auction for a considerably lower opening bid. Maltz Auctions, a leading full-service auction company serving the New York metropolitan region, announced today that… Read more »

10 Easy Tips to Get Your House Ready to Sell

Most people know the basics about getting their home ready to sell: remove any clutter and excess furniture, fix what’s broken and set your rooms to look like a model home would. But buyers have more and more inventory to choose from in this market and the details matter. Here are 10 enhanced Staging Tips 1…. Read more »

2014 Is Over, Sell the House?

At the end of the year in Orange County, hundreds of homeowners have a tough decision to make. The ‘listing for sale agreement’ on their house is about to expire and they now must decide to either take their house off the market (OTM), For Sale by Owner (FSBO) or list it again with the… Read more »

Out Traveler’s Top 10 US Gayborhoods #2: Chicago’s Boystown

We’re counting down the top ten US Gayborhoods, according to Out Traveler. The second place finisher is in Chicago: 2. Boystown (Chicago), with 19.49 percent of the vote Last year’s number one drops to number two. That’s still pretty impressive, Chicago. Guess Halsted Street is just as clean, friendly, and fun as ever. Congrats, Chicago!… Read more »

Out Traveler’s Top 10 US Gayborhoods #4: Atlanta’s Midtown

We’re counting down the top ten US Gayborhoods, according to Out Traveler. The fourth place finisher is in Atlanta: 4. Midtown (Atlanta), with 10.68 percent of the vote A Southern city in the top five? Indeed. Atlanta’s colorful community continues to grow and influence gay culture at large (heels on men, anyone?), with Midtown serving… Read more »

Out Traveler’s Top 10 US Gayborhoods #6: Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale

We’re counting down the top ten US Gayborhoods, according to Out Traveler. The sixth place finisher is in Fort Lauderdale: 6. Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale), with 7.45 percent of the vote We can almost forgive wonderful Wilton Manors for being located in Florida, and it looks like our readers can as well. Maybe it can… Read more »

Out Traveler’s Top 10 US Gayborhoods #9: Dupont Circle

We’re counting down the top ten US Gayborhoods, according to Out Traveler. The tenth place finisher is in Philadelphia: 9. Dupont Circle (Washington, D.C.), with 4.62 percent of the vote Washington has been declared the gayest city in the country by everyone and their gay brother. Its center of LGBT life has a bit of… Read more »

Hamburger Mary’s to Take Patio Space in Castro Gayborhood

Hamburger Mary’s will be returning to San Francisco, the city where the burger chain was launched in 1972. While the original location shuttered in 2001, gay Castro bar owner Les Natali won approval this afternoon (Thursday, December 4) from the city’s planning commission to operate a Hamburger Mary’s in the long vacant Patio Cafe on… Read more »

Amazing New Park Planned for New York Gayborhood

A crumbling old Hudson River pier once used by ocean liners like the Lusitania will be torn down and replaced by a 2.7 acre park on the water featuring rolling hills and an outdoor amphitheater. Mayor de Blasio is expected to reveal further details about the park at a press conference this morning, but the… Read more »

Gayborhood for Sale – Hillcrest Properties Faces Uncertain Future

Two prominent blocks in Hillcrest are up for sale to the highest bidders, and the purchasers will have the ability to transform the heart of the gayborhood. In September, a 25,000-square-foot property that includes the shuttered Pernicano’s and Casa de Baffi restaurants went on sale for $12 million. The site is on the west side… Read more »

Austin Businesses Oppose Rainbow Crosswalks

The proposal to install rainbow colored crosswalks on Bettie Naylor Street at the Lavaca and Colorado intersections entered one of its final stages – but not without some friction from local business owners. Passed by City Council on Sept. 25, the plan would cement the area as a historic Austin “gayborhood” and showcase the City’s… Read more »

Why Doesn’t Austin Have a Gayborhood?

Taken from my story in the Statesman: “You might have heard that Austin could soon join San Francisco, Vancouver, British Columbia, and other cities with a set of rainbow crosswalks. At first, some business owners in the Warehouse District frowned on the idea, put forth by Austin Pride, to paint the intersection of West Fourth… Read more »

San Diego Gayborhood Bar Expanding

Hillcrest’s most iconic gay restaurant and bar – Urban MO’s Bar & Grill – is now undergoing significant expansions this month to debut for the 2014-15 winter season. The outdoor patio has been demolished in preparation for an extensive expansion and renovation. The property will remain open for business during the expansions, which started this… Read more »

Harvey Milk’s American Diner Closes in the San Diego Gayborhood

Today the official closure of Harvey Milk’s American Diner was announced. The online announcement, by owner Frank Lechner, stated that the diner was officially closed for good and that all the employees had been paid. LGBT Weekly reached out to Lechner for comment but he was unavailable at press time. LGBT Weekly did speak with… Read more »

Portland’s Gay Friendly Pearl District’s Twenty Years of Growth

One of our favorite places in the world, The Pearl District in Portland, Oregon, has been growing for twenty years. Oregon Live has a cool interactive graphic showing its growth. In 1994, the Portland City Council adopted affordable housing targets for about 250 acres north of downtown dubbed the “River District.” City leaders said they… Read more »

The Shanghai Gayborhood

Hey there, queermosexuals! If the number of housewarming parties in the past month or so is any indication, it’s time to upgrade your place of residence. While every neighborhood in the city has its perks and downsides (lots of sex shops but no street food, or plenty of cute boutiques but no eye candy —… Read more »

Castro Gayborhood to Get Second History Walk

A series of historical factoids about San Francisco’s Castro district that will be etched in cement along Castro Street will have its official debut the weekend of this year’s annual Castro Street Fair. Officially known as the Castro Street History Walk, the project will feature 20 facts about the neighborhood placed into the sidewalks on… Read more »

Rainbow Crosswalk Plan in Austin Gayborhood Gets Pushback

West Hollywood, Calif., started a phenomenon in 2012 when they painted the gayborhood’s crosswalks with the colors of the freedom flag. Cities such as London, San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver have since followed suit, most without controversy. However, a request to paint rainbows on Bettie Naylor Street (W. Fourth) here in Austin is getting some… Read more »

Washington DC’s Evolving Gayborhoods

What is happening to the ‘gayborhood?’ Discussions of the evolving nature of the gay “community” and fast disassembling “gayborhood” clusters here and in cities across the country are as commonplace as yet another report detailing how expensive D.C. has somewhat suddenly become. An announcement this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics identifying Washington as… Read more »

Las Vegas Pride is the City’s Gayborhood

Mike Prevatt extolls the virtues of Las vegas Pride, one of the few times the city’s LGBT community really gets together to hang out: But seriously, Las Vegas Pride—I’m referring specifically to the parade, just one of several events during the weeklong celebration—is nonetheless a worthwhile activity for a few reasons: It’s one of the… Read more »

Castro Gayborhood Updates: Sidewalk Completion Delayed; Commuter Stops Proposed

We have a couple new stories out of the Castro gayborhood today. First, an update on the new sidewalk project that’s been going on for months. The BAR reports: More delays are impacting the $4 million sidewalk-widening project in the heart of the city’s gay Castro district, meaning work will not be completed prior to… Read more »

Bookstore to Return to the Philadelphia Gayborhood

The nation’s oldest gay bookstore will reopen next month in Philadelphia after closing three months ago due to financial problems. Philly AIDS Thrift says it’s taking over the shop called Giovanni’s Room. It had closed in May after 41 years, citing competition from online outlets. Philly AIDS Thrift already operates a secondhand store whose proceeds… Read more »

What’s the Future of the Castro?

Are gay neighborhoods dying? There’s been ceaseless chatter the past couple of years that the Castro is turning straight, and that San Francisco’s unaffordability is making it almost impossible for new generations of young LGBT people to keep the torch lit. But until now, no one had attempted a comprehensive look at just how things… Read more »

New York: Theatre in the Gayborhood Making a Comeback

“Historically, the West Village has always been artist friendly, especially to theater,” says Danny Feldman, managing director of Labyrinth Theater Company. The Village’s quiet, tree-lined streets have always offered a cheaper alternative to Broadway. Despite the neighborhood’s rich history, theater has floundered here for the past few decades. It seemed to many that the Village’s… Read more »

Restaurants in San Diego’s Extended Gayborhood

San Diego LGBT Weekly wanted to take a close look at the restaurant offerings in the expanded gayborhood. We ate our way through Mission Hills, Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, University Heights, North Park, Adams Avenue and South Park. Needless to say, we had to make our “Foodies’ Delight” feature have a part two in our next… Read more »

Queerbomb Livens Up Dallas Gayborhood

In terms of gay culture in Dallas, on face, it looks like we have a lot. Ask anyone where the “gayborhood” in Dallas is, and they’ll point you toward the intersection of Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn, where “The Strip” is located. Here, you’ll find almost all of the city’s sprawling, multi-level gay bars and… Read more »

Exploring DC’s Real Estate Gayborhoods

Do you really know where you live? When I started selling real estate in D.C. in the 1990s there were a number of neighborhood monikers that had withstood the test of time. Everyone knew Georgetown, for example, with its expensive properties and the restaurants and shops that lined M Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Nearby Foggy… Read more »

Provincetown Becoming Less Gay

This season in Provincetown has been very striking. It’s nearly a decade since I wrote The End Of Gay Culture for TNR, but only now that the small drip-drip-drip of change seems to have reached a tipping point. The Ptown I came to in the late 1980s is gone forever. Back then, the crowds that… Read more »

Is the Seattle Gayborhood Vanishing?

Census data show the number of same-sex couple households increased in nearly every neighborhood in Seattle between 2000 and 2012.* Citywide, the number jumped 52 percent, bringing the total to about 7,500 households. The big exception: Capitol Hill. Seattle’s “gayborhood” experienced a 23 percent drop in same-sex couple households in this period. The Census Bureau… Read more »

Chicago Gayborhood Still Going Strong

While new research shows Boystown is becoming a more fragmented LGBT community, Lakeview officials say the “gayborhood” is most certainly here to stay. The analysis is detailed in “There Goes the Gayborhood?” written by suburban Chicago native Amin Ghaziani, now an associate professor of sociology at the University of British Columbia. It looks at things… Read more »

Where is the Minneapolis Gayborhood?

Minneapolis has no gayborhood. Wait. Why is that a good thing? Because in Minneapolis, every neighborhood is a gayborhood. Historically, the Gateway District in downtown Minneapolis (near the Gay 90s) was considered the first “gay ghetto.” Loring Park was considered the city’s gayborhood for decades, and Twin Cities Pride is still held there. In the… Read more »

Suspect Emerges in Dallas Gayborhood Vandalism

Some are pointing to an anti-gay activist in a string of vandalism incidents this week on Oak Park, the Dallas gayborhood. The Dallas Voice reports: Political gadfly Richard Sheridan has emerged as a suspect in the tagging incidents that occurred in Oak Lawn and more graffiti was found. Resource Center spokesman Rafael McDonnell said they… Read more »

Leaving the Baltimore Gayborhood

Baltimore’s gay nightlife can feel a bit claustrophobic. Many think our options are limited to a handful of uptight Mount Vernon clubs, which seem to cater more and more to weekend warriors who wear T-shirts emblazoned with the name of the store where they were purchased. Worse, the number of weird little gay dive bars… Read more »

Is West Hollywood Boystown Gayborhood Business District Plan Over?

West Hollywood’s Economic Development Department is recommending the city abandon its efforts to organize a business improvement district on the south end of Santa Monica Boulevard. In a report to the City Council, the department noted that the effort to establish a BID is now in its seventh year, and that typically such projects are… Read more »

Toronto Gayborhood Gets Rainbow Crosswalks

Toronto is hosting World Pride 2014 from June 20 to June 29, but the Canadian capital has already rolled out a welcome to the global LGBT community by painting crosswalks in the Gay Village with a bright rainbow. Located in the heart of the Toronto gayborhood at Church Street and Alexander and Church Street and… Read more »

Chicago Gayborhood Closes, Will Re-open Soon With Two New Concepts

Boystown, the famous Chicago gayborhood, lost a gay club last week. Chicago Pride reports: After abruptly closing on Memorial Day, Spin Nightclub is set to become two new concept clubs. The 9,000 square-foot space at Belmont and Halsted in Boystown will soon become a whiskey distillery/eatery named Whiskey Trust and a nightclub named Chloe’s, according… Read more »

Gayborhoods Over the Last 10 Years

EDGE was founded in Boston back in 2004, and ever since, every time it has added another city to its family of local portals, it has made a point of charting the evolution of the gayborhood in that city. At the same time, EDGE has taken the longer view, questioning whether there is even a… Read more »

Five Castro Locations Considered for Bike Share

Transit planners in San Francisco are eying five locations in the city’s gay Castro district to install additional bike share stations as they look to expand the program outside of downtown neighborhoods. As the Bay Area Reporter noted on its blog last October, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency set a goal of installing 15… Read more »

Castro to Get New Bar and Arcade

A new bar featuring classic arcade games is headed to San Francisco’s gay Castro district. The owner of upper Market Street bar Blackbird, Shawn Vergara, and Tiffny Vergara Chung, who is the business manager at Blackbird, are behind the new establishment. Dubbed “Project 22 for now, due to its location in the new mixed-used development… Read more »

Talk at March 28th’x TEDx Conference to Focus on Philadelphia’s Gayborhood

TEDx Philadelphia is one of the hottest tickets in town for city enthusiasts eager for fresh and creative ideas about how to return our urban home to its past glories. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” and it started as a four-day conference in California nearly 30 years ago. TEDx is… Read more »

Where is Atlanta’s Gayborhood?

The city’s original gayborhood, Midtown in Atlanta is still the core of LGBT life in the area. The intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue is considered the crossroad of gay Atlanta. Formerly home to Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse, this Midtown locale is a starting point for many LGBT visitors to the city. Nearby Piedmont… Read more »

SOMA, San Francisco’s Other Gayborhood

Encompassing a vast, architecturally and demographically diverse tract of central San Francisco that extends from the Mission District to the bay, SoMa — defined as the area south of Market Street — is an urban swath containing everything from shiny new loft condos to vintage refurbished warehouses, you’ll find a vibrant stretch of waterfront on… Read more »

New Rainbow Crosswalk Design Chosen for Castro Gayborhood

There will be plenty of rainbows at the intersection of 18th and Castro streets in the heart of San Francisco’s gay neighborhood. On Thursday, March 13, District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener announced the winning design and location for rainbow crosswalks that will be paid for by the Castro Upper Market Community Benefit District. The crosswalks… Read more »