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New York City’s Gay Bar Gayborhoods

Today’s post about the coming closure of Candle Bar prompted JMG reader John to tip us to OUTgoing, a recently-launched project to map all of the former and current gay bars in New York City history. Citylab reports: Jeff Ferzoco has created an interactive map, OUTgoing, that captures the ever-unfolding history of New York’s LGBT… Read more »

Are Bars Leaving the Gayborhoods?

Understandably, the LGBT community has created strongholds in urban environments where strength in numbers offers inhabitants a voice as well as safety. Because of this, many cities have nationally recognized gay neighborhoods where we are able to live and thrive. But in the past decade we have noticed more and more of us moving into… Read more »

Houston’s Gayborhood Saved?

Rumors swept through Montrose Monday that iconic bars South Beach and JR’s have been sold to real estate developers — another nail in the coffin for a neighborhood that many fear is swiftly losing its reputation as the epicenter of Houston’s gay community.