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STUDY: Same Sex Couples Have Harder Time Getting a Home Loan Because of Mortgage Discrimination

If you’ve found getting a mortgage to be a near-impossible task, there may be a reason: mortgage discrimination. Researchers from Iowa State University’s Ivy College of Business have laid bare a painful but unsurprising truth: when they revealed that same-sex couples are 73% more likely to be denied a mortgage compared to their straight counterparts. … Read more »

New Study Finds Widespread Real Estate Discrimination Against Gays

At today’s (Tue/11) Board of Supervisors meeting, Sup. David Campos is introducing legislation to encourage large-scale developers to protect the housing rights of the LGBT community. Same-sex couples nationwide are more likely to experience discrimination in their search for senior housing, a study by the Washington, D.C. based Equal Rights Center found. To investigate, testers… Read more »

Texas Transgender Housing Case Hits Legal Roadblock

Transgender woman Roxanne Joganik is facing possible mediation in her lawsuit against a property owner who kicked her out of his trailer park in Athens last year. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development filed the lawsuit in October against the park owner, George Toone. The Justice Department is seeking to restore Joganik and… Read more »

Florida Condo Board Reverses Course, Will Allow Same Sex Couples

A Florida condominium association is reversing a policy that allowed only singles and husband-and-wife couples to buy or lease units in the complex after an uproar from gay rights activists. The Casa Di Amici Condominium Association Inc. held a special meeting Thursday to amend the rule previously approved on July 17, reported the Sarasota Herald-Tribune…. Read more »

BofA to Settle Claim of LGBT Discrimination on Housing Loan

The Bank of America has agreed to settle a claim brought by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on behalf of a lesbian couple that was denied financing for a home mortgage. Last year, HUD implemented sweeping nondiscrimination protections based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status, and this settlement marks the… Read more »

Canada: Couple Denied Apartment for Being Gay

A gay couple is filing a human rights complaint against a rental agent in Brampton after she denied them an apartment because the landlord does not want to rent the property to gay people. After searching several weeks for an apartment, Thiago Derucio and his boyfriend, Chris Prentice, found a place using an agency called… Read more »

New Study: Gay Couples, Single Mothers Face Rental Discrimination

A surprising new study by the University of British Columbia has discovered that gay male couples and single parents face significant discrimination in Vancouver’s rental housing market, compared to straight couples. The research, published in the August issue of the journal Social Problems, is the largest investigation of housing discrimination against single parents. Overall, the… Read more »

US: HUD Launches Campaign Against Gender Stereotyping in Housing

Though federal fair housing laws don’t protect against anti-LGBT discrimination, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has launched a campaign to protect against discrimination on the basis of gender stereotypes. The effort is part of HUD’s “Live Free” campaign that will run through the year in print ads and online initiatives. Passed in 1968,… Read more »

HUD Announces New Rules to Protect Gays, Lesbians, Transgender People From Discrimination

U.S. Housing and Urban Development officials spoke to select members of the gay media today to announce new proposed regulations to ensure equal access to housing regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. “Unfortunately, we’ve seen evidence that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and families are being arbitrarily excluded from some housing opportunities,” said… Read more »