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Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York – The Gayborhood

Few neighborhoods in the country are more hipster-identified than Williamsburg, which sits handily across the East River from Manhattan’s East Village and Lower East Side (two diverse, gay-popular, but more expensive neighborhoods in their own right). Much of the best café culture and shopping is centered upon the several blocks surrounding the Bedford Avenue (L… Read more »

Places With Sharp Price Increases, Relatively Low Incomes

Zip code 11216 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn has a spectacular stock of stately brownstones. The buildings — long ago sliced into apartments, but easily restored as grand townhomes again — composed the last major collection of brownstones in the borough that hadn’t yet been gentrified going into this housing cycle in the early… Read more »

Rents in Brooklyn and Queens Nearly As Pricey as Manhattan

Median Manhattan sales prices have reached a new high just shy of $1 million since the recession, and median rent in the borough is expected to follow suit and reach $3,092 in 2015. While that’s not all that surprising—everyone knows Manhattan is expensive—and at this point, it’s not even all that surprising that some Brooklyn… Read more »

Will the Brooklyn Real Estate Bubble Ever Pop?

The housing crash of the late 2000s was supposed to have decimated property values across the nation. But in Brooklyn, the housing market barely broke its stride. Supply and demand is supposed to be an immutable truth, yet a well-documented boom in development has done little to stop spiraling prices. Every few weeks, a different… Read more »

NY: Brooklyn’s Gayest District Missing that Gay Vibe

The Columbia Street Waterfront District in Brooklyn boasts sweeping views of lower Manhattan, pleasant low-rise architecture and even a live poultry market. But it doesn’t have a single gay bar. Nor do rainbow-hued flags flutter outside the cafe, the antique shop or any of the other new businesses dotting the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare. And, for… Read more »

NY: Brooklyn’s Gayest Neighborhood

Suck it, Park Slope! According to new Census data, the highest percentage of same-sex couples can be found in the Columbia Street Waterfront District–not a real neighborhood, but a real census tract, from Atlantic Avenue to Degraw Street, from Columbia Street to the BQE–where 11 percent of 549 households identify as same-sex, the Brooklyn Paper… Read more »