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Maui Real Estate Market At Bottom?

While keeping a wary eye on Washington politicians and acknowledging U.S. and global economic turmoil, University of Hawaii economists nevertheless predict modest growth in 2012 in an annual Hawaii forecast released today. … Realtor Bob Hansen, who has been selling Maui real estate for 22 years, said Thursday that he believes that Maui’s real estate… Read more »

When Will US Housing Market Bottom Out? Maybe 2013

The housing market is going to take a long time to recovery, and home prices could continue dropping into 2013, experts told reporters and other industry insiders at a recently concluded real estate writers. “Right now we are in a tremendous flux due to this overhang (of homes facing foreclosure),” said Jed Smith, director of… Read more »

US Real Estate: Where is the Bottom?

Over recent years, a favorite past time of most real estate shoppers, watchers, and pundits, has been to make multiple guesses as to when the market bottom has arrived, will arrive, or is arriving. Buyers who seek to time a market and purchase at the exact summit of the decline appear to be most interested… Read more »