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Majority of Homes in Seven Major Metros Now Unaffordable for Locals

More than half the homes currently on the market in seven major American metros are currently unaffordable for local residents, according to a Zillow(R) analysis of Q4 2013 income, mortgage and home value data. Additionally, homebuyers looking for affordable properties may increasingly be forced to search on the perimeter of the country’s largest metro markets,… Read more »

Juneau’s Housing Among Nation’s Least Affordable

Its tough to buy a home by oneself in Juneau’s current housing market. On average it takes more than one-and-a-half incomes to purchase a home in Juneau as of 2011, according to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. In comparison, the state-wide average is one-and-one-third incomes to buy a home. Alaskans who live… Read more »

Least Affordable Housing Markets in the USA

Jed Kolko crunches the numbers to see how long the average worker would have to work in order to buy a home in different parts of the country: If you want more affordable housing, you might guess that moving to the suburbs is the answer. Not always! You’ll actually need to work longer – earning… Read more »

CA: Homes Still Difficult to Afford in Orange County

Housing affordability is up, but there’s not enough improvement in Orange County. Some not-so-good local news lurks behind the “National Affordability At Record High” headline hoopla from the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index. Orange County home affordability – by the NAHB/Wells metric index — has improved. But the county still suffers… Read more »

CT: Affordability Will Be Key to Housing Comeback

Affordability is the linchpin to the revival of Eastern Connecticut’s housing market, several participants in a forum said Friday. One of them was John Bolduc, CEO of the Norwich-based Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors. He called upon the construction industry to focus on making housing that young families can afford to buy and young singles… Read more »

San Diego Real Estate Affordability at All-Time High

Home affordability for first-time buyers in the San Diego region reached a record-high last quarter, made possible by historically low lending rates and slight drops in median home price, according to an index from the California Association of Realtors late this week. Sixty-two percent of first-timers in the region can afford starter homes, rising from… Read more »