Statue of Liberty as a Condo Conversion?

A NY satirist takes the current trend of converting historic buildings into condos for the rich to its logical conclusion:

As a condominium complex, “the landmark offers privacy, security, exclusivity and the feeling that you are part of history. One lucky penthouse owner will be able to experience breathtaking 360 degree views of the city (and New Jersey) from their torch-style terrace,” NYAnimal writes. And the poignant satire doesn’t stop there.

“The base of the statue will feature parking, assorted high-end retail stores, a five star restaurant and maids’ quarters… There will be limited affordable housing and an elegant poor door for entry, so low-income residents never have to see the rich people and get jealous. Applicants will just have to pass the totally reasonable credit check,” NYAnimal adds.

What would you pay to live in this landmark location? At some point, this whole condo bubble’s gotta pop, right?

Statue of Liberty Condo Conversion

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