South Park, An Alternative to the Gayborhood in San Diego

South Park, San Diego

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It is said in sales parlance that “there’s a hat for every head”. What this means is that we are all different and have individual likes and dislikes. For the salesman, this suggests that there is a house and a neighborhood that will suit each person who seeks our guidance. In our turf, the wonderful San Diego, this is certainly the case.

For the person who loves to stroll down tree-lined streets, perhaps walking with their beloved pet, there is no better neighborhood than South Park, one of the oldest and most delightful in our midst. If you are also an aficionado of older houses, South Park may fit the bill to the max.

South Park is east of Balboa Park and south of North Park; nestled between Juniper Street and A Street. It was carved out of the area known as Golden Hill and includes an area formerly known as Brooklyn Heights. Development in South Park began around 1905 when streetcars were a feature until their retirement in 1939.

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