South Dakota: Sioux City Home Prices Likely to Rebound in 2013

The South Dakota real estate market has seen its ups and downs over the past few years.
In Sioux Falls home prices have actually dropped slightly in two of the past four years. But according to a company that tracks trends, home prices are likely rebounding.

Eric and Karissa Sjaarda are looking for their first home. With interest rates on a 30-year mortgage hovering below 3 and a half percent they are looking to take advantage of the best rates in more than 60 years.You can get a better rate now than your relatives could in the 1950’s.

And those low rates are good news for buyers like the Sjaardas. “We’ve been renters for a while, we’ve been in different cities and we’re at a point where we want to settle down the interest rates are great so now is a great time to be looking,” said Eric.

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