So, How Can I Make A Living In Mexico?

Jim Karger writes: So, why don’t they pick up and leave? Money.

They don’t have enough to live on the income generated by their savings for the rest of their lives. (Many actually do and believe they don’t, but I will save that topic for another article.) For those who want to live in Mexico, and who know they will need to work to stay here, this is for you: Some ideas on how to make a living south of the border.

Before I discuss ideas for businesses and jobs that can and have worked for other expats in Mexico, lets talk about what won’t work: Competing with Mexican nationals for semi-skilled jobs. They barely make enough to survive. You won’t last a month performing hard labor for $2 or $3 dollars an hour.

Which leaves a lot of vocational options that have merit, depending on location, and which includes starting your own business, or working for an existing business here in Mexico. Here are a dozen businesses/jobs that a motivated American with the right experience and skill sets could begin and realize their dream of disconnecting from Amerika:

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