Silverlake – The New Gay Mecca

Looking for a great gay-friendly mecca in the Los Angeles? West Hollywood is sooooo 2010, Ken Williams at LA Weekly says… Silverlake is the new place to be:

The new gay paradigm, in fact, makes the culture of West Hollywood look obsolete. It wasn’t long ago that gay men had to embrace certain cultural hallmarks and modes of socialization to find a place in their community. Now, if you want to be gay, watch football and belch with your friends, look no further than’s Gaybros community (or LA’s very own Rebellion Rugby Team) to find a place to belong. Throughout history and beyond all things homosexual, Silver Lake has always been a reaction to the ideals of the Westside. Its culture, style and politics provide a necessary counterweight. And so while toned bodies reign supreme on the pristine streets of WeHo, untamed bars and the East’s fringe culture offer a place where pretensions are easily shed.

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