Should You Take Your House Off the Market During the Holidays?

My house has been on the market since summer. I’m thinking about pulling it off the market and starting over fresh with a new listing in the new year. Should I do that or should I keep it for sale during the holidays?

Cindy Goldrick, Wilson & Goldrick Realtors: That’s a typical question we get this time of year. Usually it is a good idea to take your house off the market and give it a “rest” and come back on the market fresh after the holidays, either late January or as late as March.

This past 30 days, though, we have seen a lot of activity in the market. Several of the new listings have sold in less than 10 days with a lot of showings and a strong level of interest. We are seeing a lot of out-of-town buyers looking and making decisions to buy now so they can make a move during the holidays. Our interest rates are historically low, so it’s encouraging many buyers to go ahead and make a purchase.

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