Is Shared Housing the Next Thing for LGBT Boomers?

Cohousing Association logoJust as ideas in fashion become new again, so do many other facets of our lives. Years ago it was common for people to live together in extended family groups and to form close-knit communities. Then individualism drove us apart. But there has always been a desire in the hearts of many to live close, to form neighborhoods and to share. In the next few articles we’re going to look at some of these old yet new housing options.

Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, Vol. 21, of August 2014, discusses how baby boomers are seeking a new way to live that will allow them to age in place and skip the dreaded nursing home. They go on to discuss cohousing, shared homes and new village formations. We will be discussing all three options, both for retirees and younger families. Today: cohousing.

Cohousing is a form of “intentional community,” and based on a model conceived in Denmark. Residents band together to create a neighborhood which they will design, maintain and manage. Each member has their own residence, but usually these are closer together and somewhat smaller than individual houses. This is intentional – the idea is that residents desire to encounter one another, and will agree to share gardening tools, bicycles, dinners, whatever the group decides, and help one another.

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