Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders Pushes for More LGBT Senior Housing

old womanThe group Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders (SAGE) has revealed plans for a national, multi-year LGBT elder housing initiative in the US.

SAGE leaders and several major partners of the organization explained the details at an event on February 3. According to the press release, “LGBT older people often face unique challenges in finding safe, affirming, affordable housing, and are disproportionately living in poverty, often as the result of lifelong discrimination…[which] makes it extremely difficult for LGBT older people to find appropriate housing as they age.” Further, as SAGE notes on its website, these issues “will increase significantly as the elder population doubles in the next few decades, and more ‘out’ and empowered LGBT people age into their retirement years.”

To address the problem, SAGE has partnered with the Equal Rights Center, HELP USA, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. to help ensure that LGBT seniors aren’t forced back into the closet to avoid poor treatment in their golden years. The coalition will work to build model homes for LGBT elders in select locations, and the model will be shared nationwide to encourage the creation of more housing options.

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