See Gentrification Happen Via Google Street View

Google Street ViewThe year 2007, when Google first began driving those ridiculous camera-topped cars around U.S. cities, doesn’t feel so long ago. But seven years is a lifetime on the streets of a rapidly changing city like Washington.

So much in the District has changed so quickly that it’s almost hard to remember what once-empty or neglected corners of town looked like before they were redeveloped. Google, however, has just made it possible to travel back in history — very recent history, that is. For the first time, Google has uploaded all of the archival imagery captured over the years by its Street View cars into its map interface.

Travel now in Street View to the corner of First and M streets NE, and we can see the neighborhood as it appeared there every time a Google car passed by over the last seven years: first in November of 2007, then June of 2008, July of 2009, August and September 2011, and then May of 2012.

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Authored By Emily Badger – See the Full Story at The Washington Post

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