Seattle Real Estate Holding Strong

Seattle Real EstateSeattle housing prices have increased and with bigger companies like Microsoft, Boeing and the bio-tech companies still hiring, rents are up and inventory on real estate listings are down.  This has met with multiple offers on many houses on the market.  It seems the most offers homes get are in good locations, in good condition (but some fixers as well, if they are in a good location) and good prices.  I have heard some buyers are getting bid out of 3-5 homes before they get an offer accepted.  And most of the time they have to do pre-inspections and waive most of the contingencies.  These seem to be in the mid-price range of $300,000-$600,000, however, I have heard of some homes priced over $1,000,000 getting more than two offers.  It really seems to come down to location, location, location.

There are still good prices on homes, but it seems that the prices have hit bottom and are very slowly going up.  That doesn’t mean that they have gone up to the prices of 2007, but have gone up from a year ago.

It is still a great time to buy as interest rates remain at all time lows, so if you have good credit, good down payment and a steady income, it is a great time to buy!    And there are many good homes to be had around the Seattle area.

Seattle has so much to offer with the city plays, sports, clubs, shopping, the ocean and mountains close by.  And if all goes well, Washington will have the right to marry after the elections in Nov.!  We already have the domestic partnership, so that is already in place.  There is a large gay population and there is a club for everyone…if you want to meet someone that has similar interests as yourself, you can usually find it here.

Happy Home Hunting!

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