Seattle Home Sales continue to rise

Seattle home sales were up for 2012, the first year since 2008!  However, with inventory so low, it continues to be a difficult time for buyers, but a good time for sellers.  If houses come on the market that are in good locations, good condition and good price, they are getting multiple offers! Most aren’t going way up over asking price (unless it is way under priced), but they are usually going over asking price.  I wrote an offer in North Seattle for some clients and it was a short sale and the house wasn’t in great condition, but they had 6 offers! On a short sale! It is because of the price and size of the home…my clients wanted a bigger home.  They ended up getting another house that is in better condition, but more money…and we wrote an offer just after being on the market for 3 days…with the threat of other buyers writing.  Inventory continues to be a problem here as those sellers that want to sell, can’t find something to buy!  Or they still can’t make what they need to purchase something else.

With Seattle companies still hiring, lots of people are moving into the city.  And more people want to be closer to work with gas prices fluctuating.  Hopefully more houses will come on the market to help out the inventory and make it a little easier for buyers.

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