Seasonal Slowdown Hits Seattle Real Estate Market

Seattle, Washington


It’s time once again for the monthly reporting roundup, where you can read my wry commentary about the news instead of subjecting yourself to boring rehashes of the NWMLS press release (or in addition to, if that’s what floats your boat).

Oddly, the the NWMLS press release website is still showing last month’s release, and they don’t send the releases to me, so I guess we have to skip that part of the program this month. Read on for my take on this month’s local news reports.

Sanjay Bhatt, Seattle Times: King County home prices drop in August: ‘Just a hiccup’?

Rising interest rates could have thrown cold water on the market’s activity: The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage was 4.46 percent in August, up from 4.37 percent in July and a low of 3.35 percent last December, according to Freddie Mac.

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