Seasonal Impact on Real Estate Sales

San Francisco HomesThe weather begins to turn warm, there are flowers in the air and millions of people begin to … yes, think about moving. In most states, the real estate market lies dormant for the most part in the cold winter months from November to February, and then – poof – it awakens.

The count on online real estate searches tracks the path of the sun. The warmer states, Hawaii and Florida peak in January and February when the weather is balmy and not too hot. Then in March and April, 31 states reach their peaks, including our fair California. No peaks in May and then in June and July there’s a surge in another 16.

Weather is not the only determinant of home buying interest and activity. While the nice weather makes shopping for a home a fun activity, it also coincides with the end of the school year. Folks with children find it convenient for their children to move between the end of the school year and beginning of a new one. Many adults, too, remain unconsciously on that school schedule as fall just seems to feel like a good time to commence life in a new place.

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