San Diego Real Estate Market is Cooking

San Diego Home SalesWhat’s that smell wafting in the air? Could it be the scent of cinnamon, cedar, cookies or pies? Or is it change that’s in the air for you? Do the holidays have you reconsidering a change in home ownership?

Over the past few years consumer confidence has been down. People, in many cases, went from thrive to survive. New businesses slowed, layoffs and downsizing occurred in much higher than normal rates, and the financial markets tanked worldwide.

In real estate, home prices took a substantial dive. Homes that once sold for $600,000 were suddenly worth $350,000. Many people who did cash out refinances or bought property from 2003 to 2007 found themselves stressed to make their payments or didn’t make them all together. It was difficult for people to justify paying a mortgage that was almost double of what their property was currently worth. Options for many had become limited.

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Authored By Bo Bortner – See the Full Story at SDGLN

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