The Rundown on 94 Los Angeles Development Projects

The Downtown development scene has been moving forward at a steady clip for more than a year, with a coterie of real estate players and investors recognizing that the community is ripe for additional housing, entertainment options and office space. Still, things ratcheted up even more than could be expected in just the last four months.

Los AngelesSince Los Angeles Downtown News’ previous Development issue in May, a whopping 14 projects have either been announced or have burst into the mainstream. These include major housing efforts on Figueroa Street, the conversion of a vacant 1924 building into a hotel that will feature traditional as well as hostel-type rooms, and a playground in Grand Park.

These projects join a diverse field of 80 already planned or in-the-works developments. It seems that everywhere one looks in Downtown, the signs of change are evident, from the Blossom Plaza mixed-use project in Chinatown to the Federal Courthouse rising in the heart of the Civic Center to Carmel Partners’ 700-apartment effort, complete with a Whole Foods, in the Financial District.

In the following pages, Downtown News runs down the latest information on 94 Central City projects. Given the current state of affairs, expect the momentum to continue.

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Authored By Donna Evans – See the Full Story at LA Downtown News

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