Re/Max Drops Ads on Show With Lesbian Characters

There are lesbians everywhere. . .any woman who dares to have a spine is a lesbian…any woman who is independent is a lesbian…any woman who dares not have a man is a lesbian…that appears to be the thinking behind the Florida Family Association and their attacks on the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars. Perhaps they believe that Pretty Little Liars is going to turn into something like the webcomic Penny & Aggie where one lesbian character multiplies into five by the end of the series.

The FFA recently stated “McDonald’s and Chrysler are leading advertisers on [the] lesbian TV show watched mostly by girls under 18. Unlike any other show on unrestricted advertiser-supported television networks, the majority of the primary cast on Pretty Little Liars are lesbians. The series has grown from one lesbian lead character to three.”

There is one problem, unlike the Penny & Aggie where one lesbian character did, eventually, end up having four other lesbian characters surrounding her, there is only one lesbian character on Pretty Little Liars.

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