Refinancing Tips for Gay/Lesbian Homeowners

Mortgage interest rates recently fell so low that they broke all-time historical records, and rates have managed to remain extremely cheap and attractive for the past couple of months. Even before they shattered those longstanding records mortgage rates were already a bargain, however, and in this kind of highly appealing and extremely rare mortgage environment many LGBT homeowners are trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and refinance.

The question usually boils down to whether it is best to go ahead and refinance now (while it is definitely possible to lock in a great rate) or whether it would be even more profitable and savvy to wait with the expectation that rates will fall even lower.

Those LGBT borrowers who wait might qualify for the bragging rights to an even better deal. But they could also get whiplashed if rates suddenly start their long anticipated climb. Ultimately the choice relates to a question of investment risk versus reward, and in today’s market it is prudent to consider as many angles and outcomes as possible before making a final decision.

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