Pros and Cons of Micro Units

condo buildingWhen it comes to living in the city, when is too small considered way too small? For many, confined living was limited only to a shared dormitory experience while attending university or for that brief time when first moving to the city. However, with demand for living in the District rising, there has been an increase in efficient living as the supply of developable land is limited.

Developers across the area have begun to design condominium and apartment buildings that capitalize on efficiency while giving the resident access to some of the most desirable locations in the District.

Micro-units, for those who haven’t yet heard of the trend, are typically 250-400 square foot livable apartments, and are on the rise in the District. Whereas the typical studio or one bedroom condominium has about 450-550 square feet, micro-units are designed to combine even more amenities into a smaller space. Surprisingly, most have all the features a normal livable unit would have: 2-in-1 washer and dryer units, enough space for a queen size bed, and full kitchen appliances.

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