Prevent Basement Floods


Prevent Basement Floods

Making your basement into a comfortable living area can significantly raise the value of your home but it is extremely important for you to take the necessary action before you start your remodel. The basement could turn into a massive loss if not protected. The largest concern a basement has is its weak defenses against flooding. The below grade location creates a situation it is surrounded by soil. As we all know soil retains water and that water can be detrimental to your basement. Here are four preventative actions you can take to protect your investment.

1.  Grading

The most important step you can take to prevent flooding is to make sure the grading around your basement is sloping away from the foundation. This helps ensure that when it rains the water will not pool any areas. If pooling water does occur it will eventually make its way into your basement. If you are not sure if you have proper grading, take a look for any pooling water. If you do spot any water consider adding more soil to that region or hire a landscaper to re-grade your yard.

2. Gutters

Check the location of your downspouts, too often they drain too close to your foundation leaving opportunities for water to seep into your basement. If this is the case, buy downspout extensions that will carry the water away from your foundation or connect your downspouts to a French drain system in your yard.

Secondly, check for clogs. Any sort of blockage can cause an overflow which can create soil erosion, improper grading and basement flooding.

3. Window Wells

Like gutters, window wells collect leaves, dirt and debri that can prevent proper drainage. Once water starts collecting at the surface of your window seepage is inevitable. Consider hooking a window well drainage system or install window well covers to protect the well from debris.

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