Prescott’s Home Market Likely to Be Robust in 2013

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First, a special thank you to Tommy Meredith of Jersey Lillies and to Gary Edelbrock of the Log Cabin Bed and Breakfast and the many other people who were a large part of making possible the fabulous Court House Christmas lighting! They are the best ever!! Thank you all again and, please remember to support these businesses.

Now let’s take a look at the common sense future of housing, as I see it after selling homes for the past 37 years.

My predictions are never based on the past prices and performances of the past because, in my opinion, statistics and graphs of the past are just that, the past. It has nothing to do with the present or the future. History books that tell us the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 was sold for 3 cents an acre and in today’s money 42 cents, or the Alaska Purchase in 1867 was sold for $7.2 million, or a house a year ago was sold for $200,000 – it’s all in the past.

Let’s now explain the current and future market:

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