Prediction: The 25 Best US Real Estate Markets for 2011

Gay Portland Maine Real EstateThe best housing markets forecast for 2011 encompass a large number of markets from the Mid-West and upper North-Eastern U.S. But of the 11 states represented on the best 25 list the Tri-Cities, Washington ranking in third position may be most surprising.

As the housing recovery moves forward in earnest in many areas of the nation, the figures below aren’t in double-digits. But the appreciation or housing inflation these markets are forecast to experience in the next year is at healthy levels, and may have a chance of retaining its upside for an extended period of time as the housing recovery develops.

Washington state isn’t recovering from the real estate crash with any sort of explosion as an exception in the national scheme of things, but the Tri-Cities, which includes Richland, Kennewick and Pasco in the south-eastern corridor of the state is projected to experience one of the best housing markets in the country. It’s a result of federal EPA clean-up funds targeted for a former bomb manufacturing plant.

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